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Any of our edible items are the perfect gift:
1. For promotional giveaways
2. To thank clients
3. For someone beginning a new sales job
4. To help salespeople make more money!
5. As a gift for yourself (YOU DESERVE IT!)
6. For anyone who manages or coaches salespeople
7. To celebrate your employees birthdays or special occasion

 Click any of  the images to enlarge

  • Some of our designs to choose from  (you can also personalize with your logo), and we can create a custom wrapper for you.

   Customer Appreciation   For the Medical Professional      Realtor Bar
  • Bookmarks
  • Lip Balms
  • Chiclets Gum
You can add your logo or occasion!
  • Suckers...............great for trade shows or reception areas
  • Mintbooks

These custom creations look like a matchbook on the outside but have a mint treat inside.
You can choose from any flavor of Lifesavers or Peppermints inside.

  • Candy Bars & Mints
               Bite Size                  Nuggets

Miniatures ready for delivery    Bite size candy barOur promotional bars
 Another promotional wrapper


Candy bar made for Exotic Wheel Boutique

Candy Bar & Tic Tacs made for Sunflower Baking

Candy bars made for Murnane Paper
Click image to enlarge

  • Water Bottles