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The event coordinator is there to orchestrate your event making sure everyone is in place. In the occasion of a wedding, the ushers are ready at the appropriate time to escort the guests to their seats, the musicians waiting to be cued to start the prelude, etc.

The wedding coordinator orchestrates the wedding,  contacts the vendors, creates the schedule, gives a copy to the DJ, and ensures that the activities such as announcing the wedding party, first dance, and any other special traditions the bride and groom wish to observe happen at the appropriate time.

All the activities mentioned thus far create the energy and timing of the event. A good event coordinator knows the importance of this and through experience can time everything so the party flows effortlessly.

At a S&S Event we organize your celebration but we always design it to reflect you.
Our task is to make sure the flow is smooth.We can be involved as little or as much as you'd like.